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I ‘m actually disappointed as an item. I bought their back-up support if I ever had pc troubles, to guard my material. Well my system crashed and I had to buy a Computer that was new. I thought not a problem, I’ve been paying my documents to be backuped by Carbonite so it is not a complete disaster. BOY WAS I INCORRECT, Carbonite can’t (or will not because of some fresh plan) assist with downloading your files from their site. I could see all my files on the Carbonite website in storage for me….merely can’t down load. And it’s not up to them to help me down load my documents to a third party applications like Ms suite although in the mind of Carbonite they’ve backed-up my things. I am advised by them downloading can’t be helped with by them but may send an email on how to down load my documents with instructions. To date the e-mail instructions have been useless. I finally located a guy who renewed my Computer that was old and I am downloading my items directly off my Computer that was aged. Thank thank heavens I was not unable to locate a well-defined technology man able to resolve my Computer that is aged. In the interim,, Iwill test and require a pro rated termination of my present registration from Carbonite so that I may buy an external drive….itis not as they provide a usable support http://finance.yahoo.com/.

The product is dreadful. I am on my 2nd 2-yr deal (assessed shortly after I got it regarding what it was burning), and let it do its thing for 1 . 5 years. I use my pc for everything, all day-long, and it was constantly both checking or copying, therefore I decided it was working. Well, Apple only out of the blue cleaned my drive while performing additional repair work, and come to discover Carbonite had not backed-up anything for more than 10 10 days, and never passed particular files. In the Background Directory on Carbonite back-up, such a thing that had ever been for JUST TWO YEARS on my background is for example, however nothing I wanted from the past 20 days. Did not back-up any Apps and additional files that are specific.

I don’t get what this support is for. It sucks. Utilize some thing else as it is going to give a false sense of security to you.

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That is ridiculous! Each time that I contact the reunite a NEW phone that will not operate, I’m on the phone for four hours that are more than and my call gets disconnected! We purchased the Alcatel One-Touch PUT HUGE LTE together with the Pal mobile accent plus it will not work! I’m genuinely beyond upset when they hire people that don’t speak clearly maintain me on-hold, and don’t about our client support culture! While typing this note, they have me on-hold right now… What the-hell is going on straight talk.

I really don’t actually understand where to begin. I attempted this course since I used to be spending Verizon $170 a month for just one person cellular phone support with internet jetpack. I paid the $60 to get the starter kit, took over a day-to get it actually taking care of my cellphone and had to call and speak to some one because I couldn’t get it going on my mobile through the site by pursuing every instruction in detail. On the phone over an hour finally had it up and working. I’ve a full-time day-job plus a side company I function in the house. , and so I purchased a brand-new Samsung galaxy s4 from amazon, I began having problems with my older mobile phone. After I called to switch over my sim card to the new cellphone they said I had to make use of an alternate one that came in the kit, one was at&t the other t mobile. I picked the at& t, my support was awful and I telephoned talk that was straight to find out why.

She essentially kept me on the phone for an hour to tell me that this difficulty won’t be worked out for another week. She assured that I would be compensated for the time I’ve not been able to use the phone (assuming they actually get it mended). My telephone number went from being able to make and get calls and texts (although not send data) to being on “Emergency Only” status. Absolutely awful support.

From now on, before anything is bought by me, I shall examine where their customer support is found and out WHO. And if it out of america, I’ll NOT patronize their solutions! I purchased a brand-new phone and trying to have it replaced prior to the guarantee wears out as well as such folks are ignoring me… Till Straight Talk bring customer support to america to support their clients in america, I shall NOT be using their services anymore! And I recommend for one to do exactly the same…! DoN’t USE this merchant until they hire USA folks to take care of us within the states.

I recently went and now my phone is stuck on “Wander”. Though he didn’t appear 100% confident that it would actually assist I experienced heck with a rep called in, and finally got a supervisor that told me I’d need to change my contact number. , and so I called back today to change my number simply to get a truly naive rep that hung-up on me when I asked for his or her supervisor, he sent me a SIM card. The representative that was next then advised they might need to send yet another SIM card to me. Not just that, they have been having “technical problems” and they want me to call back in two days before they can actually TRY THIS.